Warm bread from the local bakery

Warm bread from the local bakery

We have a warm atmosphere here at Risto Peltola Bakery. The stone-hearth furnaces bring soft warmth to our products. Our rye, oat and barley breads are completed in conventional conditions, using traditional production methods, because we cherish traditions.


We get up early to bake so that you can have warm bread for breakfast. Peltola’s warm bread awaits you in the shop in the morning. Soft and crispy in a paper bag. Or pre-sliced as the popular oat bread.


You can also pick up warm bread from our bakery outlet. In addition to freshly-baked bread, there are also salty snacks, coffee buns, cakes and much more.


My grandmother started it all when she used to bake bread for her neighbours during the war in Utti. My father Risto built a bakery in its present location, and there have already been five extensions. I took over after Risto, and my children will be the fourth generation to take on baking as a profession.


Delivery reliability, cleanliness, and high motivation of the personnel are important things to us. In this way, we can satisfy our customers’ wishes of traditional tasty bread.


Bread is a part of every meal, and Finland has the world’s richest selection of breads. Have a taste, and you will know.


Pulla Peltola, entrepreneur